Solar Observing Tour!

Created: 05-12-1999. . . . . Last revised: 11-10-2022.

    	This is my attempt to share "solar observing" with the net.
On this page, I will try to display my solar observation results.
Due to the fact that I can only observe on the weekends,
and that Pittsburgh isn't the most sunny place in the world,
my observations may not be current.
Still, I hope you will find this page of some interest, at least the first time. :)
Why "Solar Observing?"

    	Three views of the Sun:    (current - 02/18/2023)
White-Light                                CaK                                  H-alpha    
For high-res images, go to   "Three Views Archive:"   scroll down and and click on the specific image.

For the lastest (somewhat up-to-date) BWSO observations, go to  
"Current Solar Observations:"

For older visual observations, 1991-2004 go to  
"Archival Solar Observations:"

Venus Transit of June 8th, 2004 from the Nicholas E Wagman Observatory (AAAP):  
"Venus Transit Observations - 2004:"

Mercury Transit of November 8th, 2006 from the Mingo Creek Park Observatory (AAAP):  
"Mercury Transit Observations - 2006:"

Venus Transit of June 5th, 2012 from the shores of Lake Erie
"Venus Transit Observations - 2012:"

Mercury Transit of May 9th, 2016 from Cherry Springs State Park:  
"Mercury Transit Observations - 2016:"

"Solar Eclipse Observations:"

"Total Solar Eclipse - 08/21/2017:"


Celestron 8" Ultima SCT (f10)
Daystar .6A T-Scanner Ha filter
Lumicon H-Alpha 1.5A Prominence filter
Coronado PST
Coronado PST CaK
Baader Solar Film filter (white-light)
1000 Oaks II glass filter (white-light)
80mm University Refractor (f3.2)
Konig Eyepieces
Amici Prisms
Lumicon multi eyepiece filter slider
Green #56 eyepiece filter
Blue #80A eyepiece filter




    	Here are several of my past video capture solar white-light and H-alpha images.   
There are many more solar images that you can find links for at my Astro Videography website.
(also lot's of other solar-system and deep-sky images)



Eruptive Prominence animation

Neat Solar links:

Big Bear Solar Observatory - Latest Images
Mt. Wilson 150-Foot Solar Tower Current Sunspot Drawing
F.Dubois' SUN-page
AAVSO Solar Division
National Solar Observatory, Solar, Astronomy
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage
SOHO Website
Active Region Map
Marshall Space Flight Center
Stanford Solar Center
What lies beneath a Sunspot
A collection of aurorae links
Aurora movie animation
Robotic H-alpha telescope
Baader Solar Film
How to build a filter with Baader solar film
Current longitude and latitude of sunspots
Current activity
Observing the sun in H-alpha
H-alpha Prominence classification:
Blink-image white-light/H-a #1
Blink-image white-light/H-a #2

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