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Welcome to my collection of astronomy Deep-Sky Sketches.

Deep-Sky Sketches are simply 'drawings' or 'sketches' of astronomical objects viewed thru a telescope. Sketching is easy to do and requires no other equipment besides your telescope. You don't need any fancy art supplies, just pencil & paper.

I started sketching in 1984 and have since sketched all the Messier objects, many NGC, IC, and lots of other objects. I've used several types of telescopes over the years, but the majority of my drawings were done with an 8" dobsonian reflector.

        8" Reflector                8" SCT   and  Shed Observatory  
. . . . . . .

   10" Reflector                13" Reflector  
. . . . . .

If you would like to learn how to "sketch": click here: 'How to sketch'.

If you would like to learn more about my "Shed Observatory": click here: 'BWSO'.

Here's some examples of my sketches:

              M42                                   NGC253
. . . . . . .


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