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Solar Eclipses Observations

Annular Solar Eclipse, October 14rd, 2023 from ORAS Observatory, PA. ( ~ Noon)
Had planned on observing the partial eclipse, but infortunately it rained the entire day. Best I could do was watch the event on NASA TV inside the observatory classroom.


Partial Solar Eclipse October 23rd, 2014 from Pittsburgh, PA. ( ~ 5:45 pm)
Coronado PST refractor & 24mm Eyepiece. Nikon Coolpix point-n-shoot camera

Partial Solar Eclipse July 11th, 1991 from Pittsburgh, PA. (2:51 pm ~ 3:42 pm)
80mm f3 refractor using 1000 Oaks Glass Nickel-Chrom solar filter & 6.5mm Eyepiece.

Partial Solar Eclipse May 30th, 1984 from Bulter, PA. (11:27 am ~ 1:15 pm)
60mm f10 refractor using unfiltered eyepiece projection, hand-held Minolta XG 50mm

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