Speaker Availability

Are you looking for a presenter on Astronomy?

Is your group or organization looking for an astronomical presentation? (either in person or online)
I can offer a range of astronomical topics suitable for either the general public or astronomy club or convention.

General Public Presentations:
    'Observing the Moon for Beginners' (an introduction to our nearest neighbor)
    'StarGazing and Myths' (an introduction to the constellations and nightsky mythology from around the world).

Advanced Amateur Astronomy Presentations:
    'Observing the Sun', (discuss solar features, observing techniques and equipment).
    'Video Astronomy', (an overview of the benefits, equipment of video observing).
    'Astro Sketching', (a 'how to' that focuses on deep-sky sketching).
    'How to Star Hop', (a 'how to' that focuses on how to manually find deep-sky objects).
    'Obscure Open Star Clusters', (a guide to finding and observing open star clusters).
    'E. E. Barnard and His Dark Nebula', (the life of the last great visual astronomer and a guide to his dark nebula).
    'Charles Messier - The Ferret of Comets', (the life of the author of the Messier Catalog).
    'The Father of Amateur Astronomy', (T.W. Webb and his celestial handbook).
    'The Herschels and their Catalog', (the life of William and Caroline Herschel and their deep-sky catalogs).
    'The Venus-Transit A Historical Retrospective!', (a historical look back on observing the Venus Transits).
    'Solar Observing and the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse', (discuss solar features, and the April 8th, 2024 Eclipse).
    'Halton Arp and his Peculiar Galaxies', (the life of a interesting modern astronomer and his interacting galaxies).
    'Planetary Nebula: from Messier to Abell', (what they are, how to observe, and astronomers involved both historical and modern).
    'The Local Group of Galaxies', (what is the Local Group of galaxies and how to observe them).
    'Galileo - The First Optical Astronomer', (the life and discoveries of the Italian astronomer Galileo).

Depending on the weather, I can also setup a small telescope for either an afternoon solar observing session, or an evening of nightsky observing with a green laser tour of the constellations. (the location will also factor in as to what can be observed)

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For in-person presentations, I will need an electrical outlet and an HDMI digital projector or large screen TV with HDMI input. Online ("Zoom" or other) presentations will only require the host to setup a link and to allow me to share my screen during the talk.
(depending on the presentation, if in-person, a chalk or whiteboard may also be required)

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Larry McHenry,   Pittsburgh, PA. USA

Larry McHenry