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Last revised: 06-24-2007.

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Mingo Creek Park Observatory images:

Mingo Creek Park Observatory Starparties:   
07/19/2003-a 07/19/2003-b 07/19/2003-c 07/19/2003-d
04/23/2004-a 04/23/2004-b 04/23/2004-c
05/22/2004-a 05/22/2004-b 05/22/2004-c
06/26/2004-a 06/26/2004-b 06/26/2004-c 06/26/2004-d 06/26/2004-e
08/08/2004-a 08/08/2004-b 08/08/2004-c 08/08/2004-d
10/27/2004-a 10/27/2004-b 10/27/2004-c 10/27/2004-d 10/27/2004-e
04/16/2005-a 04/16/2005-b 04/16/2005-c 04/16/2005-d 04/16/2005-e 04/16/2005-f 04/16/2005-g 04/16/2005-h 04/16/2005-i 04/16/2005-j 04/16/2005-k 04/16/2005-l 04/16/2005-m

Mingo Creek Park Observatory Schematic images:   

Schematic-1 (small)     Schematic-1 (large)

Schematic-2 (small)     Schematic-2 (large)

Schematic-3 (small)     Schematic-3 (large)

Mingo Creek Park Observatory Road Construction:   (April, 2004)
photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7 photo8 photo9 photo10 photo11 photo12 photo13 photo14 photo15 photo16 photo17 photo18 photo19 photo20 photo21 photo22 photo23 photo24 photo25 photo26 photo27 photo28 photo29

Mingo Creek Park Observatory Groundbreaking:   (May 8th, 2004)
Ed Moss   Bill Roemer   George Guzik   Dick Haddad   Larry Maggi   J. Burns   Lisa Cessna   Lou Waller Jr.   John Maher   check presentation   big check   group check   groundbreaking1   groundbreaking2   groundbreaking3   groundbreaking4  

Mingo Creek Park Observatory Site Construction:   

(May 23rd, 2004)
site-leveling-1 site-leveling-2 site-leveling-3 site-leveling-4 site-leveling-5 site-leveling-6 site-leveling-7 site-leveling-8 site-leveling-9

(May 29th, 2004)
footers-1 footers-1 footers-1 footers-1 footers-1 footers-1 electric-1 electric-1

(June 6th, 2004)
groundwall-1 groundwall-2 groundwall-3 groundwall-4 groundwall-5 groundwall-6 groundwall-7 groundwall-8 groundwall-9 groundwall-10 groundwall-11 groundwall-12

(June 13th, 2004)
groundwall-13 groundwall-14 groundwall-15 groundwall-16 groundwall-17 groundwall-18
pier-1 pier-2 pier-3 pier-4

(June 26th, 2004)      "Greek Temple Ruins"
walls-01 walls-02 walls-03 walls-04 walls-05 walls-06 walls-07 walls-08 walls-09 walls-10 walls-11 walls-12 walls-13 walls-14 walls-15 walls-16

(July 4th, 2004)         "the Star Castle"
walls-01 walls-02 walls-03 walls-04 walls-05 walls-06 walls-07 walls-08 walls-09 walls-10 walls-11- walls-12 walls-13 walls-14 walls-15 walls-16 walls-17 walls-18 walls-19 walls-20 walls-21 walls-22 walls-23
electric-1 electric-2 electric-3 electric-4 electric-5 electric-6 electric-7

(July 10th, 2004)
walls-01 walls-02 walls-03 walls-04
rails-1 rails-2 rails-3 rails-4

(July 18th, 2004)
rails-01 rails-02
roof-01 roof-02
footer-1 footer-2 footer-3 footer-4 footer-5

(August 1st, 2004)
pads-01 pads-02 pads-03 pads-04
trusses-01 trusses-02
building-01 building-02 building-03 building-04 building-05 building-06 building-07 building-08 building-09 building-10 building-11 building-12

(August 8th, 2004)
interior-01 interior-02 interior-03 interior-04 interior-05 interior-06

(August 22nd, 2004)
roof-01 roof-02 roof-03 roof-04 roof-05 roof-06 roof-07 roof-08 roof-09 roof-10 roof-11 roof-12 roof-13 roof-14 roof-15

(August 29th, 2004)
roof-01 roof-02 roof-03 roof-04 roof-05 roof-06 roof-07 roof-08 roof-09 roof-10 roof-11 roof-12 roof-13 roof-14

(September 4th, 2004)
doors-01 doors-02 doors-03 doors-04 doors-05
roof-01 roof-02 roof-03 roof-04 roof-05 roof-06
(George Guzik - aeronautical photos) aero-01 aero-02 aero-03 aero-04 aero-05

(September 11th, 2004)
roof-01 roof-02 roof-03 roof-04 roof-05
siding-01 siding-02 siding-03 siding-04 siding-05 siding-06

(September 19th, 2004)
road-01 road-02 landscaping-01 waterproofing-01 waterproofing-02 waterproofing-03 parking-01 parking-02 parking-03 parking-04 electric box-01
roof-01 roof-02 roof-03 roof-04 roof-05 warmup-01 warmup-02

(September 26th, 2004)
roof-01 roof-02 roof-03 roof-04 waterproofing-01 waterproofing-02 waterproofing-03
warmup-01 warmup-02 warmup-03 warmup-04 warmup-05 warmup-06 warmup-07

(October 2nd, 2004)
exterior-01 exterior-02 exterior-03 landscape-01 landscape-02 landscape-03 parking-01 parking-02
barndoor-01 barndoor-02 warmup-01 warmup-02 warmup-03 warmup-04 pier-01 electric-01 electric-02

(October 9th, 2004)
exterior-01 exterior-02 exterior-03 exterior-04 exterior-05 parking-01 parking-02 parking-03 attic-01
telescope-01 telescope-02 telescope-03 telescope-04 telescope-05 telescope-06
starparty-01 starparty-02 starparty-03

(October 16th, 2004)
exterior-01 exterior-02 exterior-03 exterior-04 exterior-01 gaskets-01 gaskets-02
interior-01 interior-02 interior-03

(October 23rd, 2004)
exterior-01 exterior-02 exterior-03

(November 14th, 2004)         "The Observatory Construction is Finished!"
exterior-01 exterior-01 (Big)  exterior-02 exterior-03 exterior-03 interior-01 interior-02

(November 20th, 2004)         "Post Construction"
exterior-01 interior-01 dome-01 dome-02

(December 22nd, 2004)
planetarium-01 planetarium-02 planetarium-03 planetarium-04 planetarium-05 planetarium-06

(February 5th, 2005)
furniture-01 furniture-02 furniture-03 furniture-04 furniture-05 furniture-06 furniture-07 furniture-08 furniture-09 furniture-10 furniture-11 furniture-12 furniture-13 furniture-14 furniture-15 furniture-16 furniture-17

(April 16th, 2005)
04-16-2005a 04-16-2005a1 04-16-2005a2 04-16-2005b 04-16-2005c 04-16-2005d 04-16-2005e 04-16-2005f 04-16-2005g 04-16-2005h 04-16-2005i 04-16-2005j 04-16-2005k 04-16-2005l 04-16-2005m 04-16-2005n 04-16-2005o

(June 18th, 2005)
road-1 road-2 road-3 road-4 parking-1 parking-2
landscaping-1 landscaping-2 landscaping-3 phone-1 phone-2

(June 26th, 2005)
road-1 road-2 road-3 road-4 road-5 road-6 road-7
phone-1 interior-1 interior-2

(July 10th, 2005)
Refractor Roof Crank-1 Refractor Roof Crank-2 Refractor Roof Crank-3 Refractor Roof Crank-4 Refractor Roof Crank-5

(August 8th, 2005)
road-1 road-2 road-3 road-4 road-5
reception-1 reception-2 planetarium-1 planetarium-2 planetarium-3 planetarium-4
members room-1 members room-2 members room-3 members room-4
reflector anteroom-1 reflector anteroom-2 reflector room-1 reflector room-2
refractor anteroom-1 refractor anteroom-2 refractor anteroom-3 refractor room-1 refractor room-2 refractor room-3

(August 13th, 2005)
Reflector Roof Crank-1 Reflector Roof Crank-2 Reflector Roof Crank-3
Refractor Telescope-1 Refractor Telescope-2 Refractor Telescope-3 Refractor Telescope-4
Reflector Telescope-1 Reflector Telescope-2 Reflector Telescope-3 Reflector Telescope-4 Reflector Telescope-5

(June 1st, 2006)         "The 24 inch RC Telescope is Delivered!"
RC Delivery-1 RC Delivery-2 RC Delivery-3 RC Delivery-4 RC Delivery-5
RC Delivery-6 RC Delivery-7 RC Delivery-8 RC Delivery-9 RC Delivery-10

(June 3st, 2006)        "1st use of the 24 inch RC Telescope!"
RC 1st use-1 RC 1st use-2 RC 1st use-3

(April 28th, 2007)         "New Permanent Restroom!"
Exterior view(front) Exterior view(side) Exterior view(rear) Exterior view(closeup front) Exterior view(sidewalk ramp) Interior view Interior view

(June 23rd, 2007 Field-Day Starparty)
AAAP members solar observing
WASH amateur radio setup(1)
WASH amateur radio setup(2)
WASH amateur radio setup(3)
WASH amateur radio setup(4)
WASH amateur radio setup(5)
WASH amateur radio setup(6)
WASH amateur radio setup(7)

Mingo Starparty & Construction Reports:

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