Special Scopes / Instruments
Participating in the
Laurel Highlands Star Cruise

Under Construction

Are you bringing a big or specially designed telescope or equipment to Star Cruise?
If you would like to list it here, please E-Mail:  Larry McHenry


30" portable truss-Dob - Tom Whiting

20" Sky Designs Dob - John Crilly

17.5" truss dob (1993 Stellafane best optics) - Scott Horstman

17" Dob - Terry Trees

16" Nightsky Dob - Dale Carey

10" f7 Cave Astrola - Don Kemper

Fujinon 25x150mm binoculars - Larry Shotter

H-alpha Solar Prominence filters

- Larry McHenry (1.5 A Lumicon Filter on a C8)
- Terry Trees (1.5 A Lumicon Filter)
- Dale Carey (Coronado <.7 A Filter on a Pronto)
- Don Kemper (70mm Coronado NearStar scope)
- John Crilly (1.5 A Lumicon Filter on a TV Genesis SDF)
- Scott Horstman (Thousand Oaks Ha Filter on a Nexstar 60
- George Sauter (Coronado SM90/Denkmeier Binoviewer on a TV NP101)

Imaging Equipment

AstroVid StellaCam EX - Larry McHenry