Rules and Regulations

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Star Cruise Rules

Our basic ground rule is the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

We will appreciate your adherence to the following:

1.  NO WHITE LIGHTS.  All flashlights must produce red light.  Red LED flashlights, red bulb flashlights or white flashlights covered with several layers of red cellophane are acceptable.  NO LANTERNS PLEASE.  NO FLASH PICTURES.

2.  NO WHITE LIGHTS.  Driving around the main observing/camping fields after dark is permitted only in an emergency.  Headlights should remain off or should be covered by red filter material.  Red filter material is available at the Registration Desk.  (IF IT'S A TRUE MEDICAL EMERGENCY - JUST GO, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE HEADLIGHTS.)

3.  NO WHITE LIGHTS.  Interior camper or vehicle lights must be disabled or colored red.  Don't forget your trunk light!

4.  NO WHITE LIGHTS.  Lodge and bunkhouse lights shall be red, and windows shall be covered to prevent light escaping into observing areas.

5.  NO BRIGHT LIGHTS.  Please shield all computer monitors and televisions with red cellophane and/or  use night vision mode. 

6.  NO EXTRANEOUS LIGHTS. Please point flashlights down while walking.  Please dim interior lights as much as possible.

7.  NO EXTRANEOUS LIGHTS.  The cars of non-camping attendees will be parked in a special area where they may leave after dark without interfering with dark sky observations.

8.  NO GREEN LASER POINTERS AFTER MIDNIGHT.  Please refrain from using them after midnight. Thank you.

9.  NO CAMPFIRES IN OR NEAR THE OBSERVING FIELD.  Not only are they a source of unwanted light, but there is always the danger of starting a fire in dry grass.

10.  NO LOUD MUSIC OR TV.  Star Cruise is an astronomical event not a Woodstock event.  Quiet Please!

11.  ALCOHOL.  Mingo Creek Park does not permit the use of alcohol.  (Most astronomers discourage its use because of the effect it has on the sensitivity of eyes.)  Star Cruise will not tolerate the abuse of alcohol or the use of illegal substances and any behavior they might cause which is inconsistent with community standards. 

12.  PERSONAL CONDUCT.  As has been emphasized elsewhere, Star Cruise is a family event. Loud, aggressive and/or profane speech is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated regardless of the reason behind it or who first initiated it. Please refer to the final item in this list.

13.  SMOKING.  Smoking is restricted.  It is NOT PERMITTED in the observatory facility, in the pavilion, near vendor's displays or near the optical equipment of others.

14.  PETS.  We have pets at home, too.  However, we discourage your bringing pets.  However, if you must bring a pet, it must be leashed and contained at all times.  Remember, we'll all be walking around in the dark.  Star Cruise reserves the right to restrict pets from certain areas of their facility.

15.  THEFTS.  Thefts have occurred at other star parties all over North America, protect your property.  Star Cruise personnel will assist the local authorities in the prosecution of anyone caught stealing,

16.  LIABILITY.  The Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh (AAAP) and the Star Cruise Committee accept NO responsibility or liability for damage or injury to your equipment or you.

17. WARNING.  The AAAP and/or the Star Cruise Committee reserve the right to eject any person not willing to comply with these standards.

Park Rules

Please refer to the Mingo Creek Park rules.