Please remember that Star Cruise is NOT a noise or music festival.  Stereos, radios and TVs MUST be played quietly so others are not disturbed.

Star Cruise Radio - FM 91.1 MHz

Regional Radio Stations

WWCS-AM 540 KHz BBC, DW, RFI Cannonsburg
WMBS-AM 590 KHz Adult Contemp Uniontown
KDKA-AM 1020 KHz News/Talk Pittsburgh
WEAE-AM 1250 KHz ESPN Pittsburgh
KQV-AM 1410 KHz News Pittsburgh
WAJR-AM 1440 KHz Talk Morgantown
WQED-FM 89.3 MHz Classical Pittsburgh
WDUQ-FM 90.5 MHz Jazz, NPR, PRI Pittsburgh
WVPM-FM 90.9 MHz NPR Morgantown
WYEP-FM 91.3 MHz Adult Altern Pittsburgh
WWVU-FM 91.7 MHz College Altern Morgantown
WLTJ-FM 92.9 MHz Adult Comtemp  Pittsburgh
WBZZ-FM 93.7 MHz Comtemp Hits  Pittsburgh
WWSW-FM 94.5. MHz Oldies Pittsburgh
WASP-FM 94.9 MHz Country Brownsville
WJPA-FM 95.3 MHz Oldies Washington
WPHH-FM 96.1 MHz Contemp Hits Pittsburgh
WRRK-FM 96.9 MHz Classic Rock Pittsburgh
WSHH-FM 99.7 MHz Adult Contemp  Pittsburgh
WCLG-FM 100.1 MHz Rock Morgantown
WZPT-FM 100.7 MHz '70s & '80s Pittsburgh
WORD-FM 101.5 MHz Religious Pittsburgh
WVAQ-FM 101.9 MHz Pop Morgantown
WDVE-FM 102.5 MHz Rock Pittsburgh
WLSW-FM 103.9 MHz AC/Oldies Connellsville
WJJJ-FM 104.7 MHz Rock Oldies Pittsburgh
WXDX-FM 105.9 MHz Modern Rock Pittsburgh
WFBY-FM 106.5 MHz Classic Rock Clarksburg
WDSY-FM 107.9 MHz Country  Pittsburgh


Regional Television Stations

KDKA 2 CBS Pittsburgh
WTAE 4 ABC Pittsburgh
WDTV 5 CBS Weston
WJAC 6 NBC Johnstown
WTRF 7 CBS Wheeling
WWCP 8 FOX Johnstown
WTOV 9 NBC Steubenville
WTAJ 10 CBS Altoona
WPXI 11 NBC Pittsburgh
WBOY 12 NBC Clarksburg
WQED 13 PBS Pittsburgh
WQEX 16 PBS Pittsburgh
WNPA 19 UPN Pittsburgh
WCWB 22 WB Pittsburgh
WNPB 24 PBS Morgantown
WBPA 29 UPN Pittsburgh
WPCB 40 Christian Pittsburgh
WVFX 46 FOX Clarksburg
WPGH 53 FOX Pittsburgh