Laurel Highlands Star Cruise 2004

Digital Photo Gallery

Wild, Wonderful, and Wet

During the 'deluge' and 'after':

Rainy days, but a really clear night!
(photos by Larry McHenry & Phil Hughes)

Comments from 2004 Attendees:

"Boy, was it dark at StarCruise!, (the inside of the Speaker's tent that is)"
"The skies on Saturday night were the best I've ever seen at LHSC"
"The Milky-Way was comparable to what I've see at the TSP!"
"This year's speaker presentations were the best ever."
"The kids really enjoyed all of the activities planned for them."

Here's a webpage by AAAP member Phil Hughes, with some great  photos  from StarCruise!

Here's a cool  photo (film)  by AAAP member Fred Klein,

Another webpage by AAAP member Dennis Morton,  photos  from StarCruise!

Saturday Night Milky-Way images:

   'Scorpion Tail'

'M7 region'   

   'Sagittarius Starcloud'

'Scutum Starcloud'   

photos by Larry McHenry, made using a 25mm CCTV lens attached to a Stellacam EX astrovideo camera mounted on a tripod. Each is a combined image from seven two second images captured using a Snappy frame grabber, stacked and processed using Astrostack.

Photo Galleries:

images by Larry McHenry
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"Who Wants to Be an Astronomer" Game

Water Bottle Rockets

Field (rainy)

Field (sunny)


Photos by Bill Moutz

Photos by Ann Norman

2004 Contest Winners:

                Messier:   Dave Gede  (star-hopping)

               Sketching: Steve Ahrens (first place)                George Sauter (runner up)                Jennifer Fylnn (runner up)                Eddie Fylnn (runner up)

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