Laurel Highlands Star Cruise 2003

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The difference between 'Night' and 'Day':

                   M51 by Bob Kalan                     Erruptive prominence by Larry McHenry

Comments from 2003 Attendees:

"The kids had a great time."
"My daughter was really excited to find out there was a sketching contest."
"This was my 1st StarCruise, I'm looking forward to coming back next year."
"The staff did a really great job."
"The sky compared to that of Cherry Springs."
"You guys have set the standard high for how to put on a great program
    - lots of activiites for all age groups and interests,
    - great speakers, nice dark skies, and a well run organization!
    - For a group of northerners, you provided a lot of sothern hospitality."
"Extremely well organized, lots of activities."
"The layout of the grounds is excellent!."
"AeroBus was a nice addition to program."
"Great star party, but don't let it grow too big."
"The children's activities were excellent."
"The organization and setup of the star party is outstanding!."

Here's a webpage by attendee Jeff Ball, with some great  photos  from StarCruise!

Here's a webpage by AAAP member Charlie Pritt,  photos  from StarCruise!

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