Laurel Highlands Star Cruise 2002

Digital Photo Gallery

Milky-Way images with a tripod mounted Astrovid StellaCam Ex and 25mm camera lens:

Panorama of the observing field by Frank Gual:

Rocket image of a section of the observing field by Frank Gual:

Comments from 2002 Attendees:

"Great dark-sky location"
"The Doorprize giveaway was the best organized and most entertaining that I've seen at any major convention"
"This was our first Star Cruise and we had a great time!"
"Star Cruise itself, it was extremely well run and organized."
"Talk about DARK skies these were the best my daughter and I have ever seen."

Here's a webpage by attendee Jeff Ball, with some great  photos  from StarCruise!

Another webpage by AAAP member Charlie Pritt,  photos  from StarCruise!

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Photo Galleries:

images by Larry McHenry and Bob Kepple
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Photos by Shawn van Mastrigt

Photos by Charlie Pritt

Photos by Pat Freeman

Photos by David Corum

Photos by Bill Moutz

Photos by Sean Brown

Photos by Dave Smith

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