Laurel Highlands Star Cruise 2001

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NEW!!!    Tom Dobbins - Mars Edom flare image sequence

Comments from 2001 Attendees:

(Survey results are located at the bottom of this page)

"This star party was as well run as any I've been to."
"All presentations were excellent with high-quality video and sound."
"The rocket launch was big with all."
"It was like a Woodstock for amateur astronomers."
"My two ten year-old boys... rated this event as "Beasty!" (Translation: Cool!)"
"I have attended many starparties, Laurel is the only one I ever thought of taking my children to."
"Good info on WebSite"
"Everyone was friendly and helpful"
"Great dark location"
"The Who Wants to be an Astronomer game was fun and well-produced"
"We had a wonderful time"
"I liked the souvenirs"
"The speakers were well-informed and passionate about their topics"
"There were constant activities for all interests"

Here's a webpage by attendee Jeff Ball, with some great  photos  from StarCruise!

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Who Wants to be an Astronomer?




Tom Dobbins has given us permission to use the below photos on the Star Cruise WebSite.  They are a sequence of four composite images (composed of 9 frames each) from 7 June, 2001 depicting the flares at Edom Promintorium as described in his presentation.   The sequence UT times are: 06h:45m:42, 06h:46m:15s, 06h:46m:49s, 06h:47m:35s.   All images were processed identically.

Accompanying verbal descriptions:

06h:45m:42s  Intensely bright, almost stellar flare.

06h:46m:15s  Brightness waning.

06h:46m:49s  Brightness increasing again.

06h:47m:35s  Abrupt decrease in brightness, but still brighter than the
	     polar hood and morning limb arc.
Special thanks to astrovideographer David Moore of Phoenix, Arizona, who invested many hours examining the videotapes, tediously registering and stacking individual frames, and skillfully processing the resulting composite images.

Survey results from 2001 Attendees:

 Clipboards were hung in the back of the Star Cruise 2001 Speakers Tent
 displaying a large word:  "VOTE".  People were asked to respond to the
 following questions.
 In which month should Star Cruise be held?
         June    35 votes  
         July     3 votes  
 38 people voted with the overwhelming choice being that Star Cruise should
 be held in June.
 Please rank the 4 Star Party features you think are most important:
	Features                       points 
         Dark Skies                      129	
         Quality Speakers                 77	  
         Showers On-Site                  61	 
         Vendors                          58	 
         Campsites w/Elect &Water         46	
         Food Vendors On-Site             43	
         Non-Astronomy Activities         31	
         Restaurants in Area              26	
         Beginners Astronomy Activities   25	
         Cabins                           20	
         Area Attractions                 19	
         Motels in Area                   14	
 Every "Most Important" vote received 4 points, "Extremely Important"
 received 3 points, "Very Important" received  2 points,
 and "Important" received 1 point.
 Since people could only vote for their 4 favorites, each voter had to leave
 2/3 of the choices unrated.  Since 200 total votes were recorded, 
 if we assume everyone who voted, voted only once,
 and selected all 4 permissible choices, 
 that would imply that 50 people out of the total 250 attendees voted.
 20% is a very respectable sample of a population and conclusions can be
 inferred from these.

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