Major Door Prizes Donated to
Laurel Highlands Star Cruise

Under Construction

Are you interested in donating a 'Door prize' to Star Cruise?
If so, please E-Mail:  John Holtz

You must be present to win. 

Meade ETX-90 AT with Autostar and Deluxe Tripod.
Meade Instruments Corp

Discovery 8" DHQ Dobsonian Telescope , accessories include 2 EP's, (25mm, 10mm), 6X30mm finder, and dust caps.
AAAP and Helix Observing Accessories

Oberwerk 20x90mm Deluxe Binoculars - all-metal binocular, painted finish
AAAP and Helix Observing Accessories

Orion StarBlast 4.5" Dobsonian Telescope ,2 EP's and EZ Finder II.
This prize is reserved for children 15 years old and under, who must be present to win.

Standard Denkmeier Binoviewer with case.
Denkmeier Optical, Inc

Mini-Tracker Off-Axis Guider.
Taurus Technologies

Astrocard Lighter and 3 complete sets of Astrocards AAAP and Astrocards

Night Sky Observers Guide AAAP and Astrocards

Celestron Eyepiece & Filter Kit -
(Five 1.25" Plossl Eyepieces, barlow, 6 color filters, and case)


Orion Stargazer's Filter Set, 1.25"
Orion Telescopes & Binoculars, Inc.

Padded Tripod Carrying Case
Jim's Mobile, Inc.

10x50mm Binoculars
Sky Instruments

1.25-inch "Bandmate Nebustar" filter and
2-inch "Bandmate OIII" filter
Televue Optics, Inc.

Two Gift Certificates
Lumicon, Inc.

8x10 Silver Telescope Tarp
Smart Astronomy

Matted Astronomy Print
Jeff Ball Photography

"Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet Mars" (book)
Kiski Astronomers

Gift Certificate
Kendrick Astro Instruments.

MoonLite Filter Slide
MoonLite Telescope Accessories.

"Modern Moon" (book) and "Laminated Lunar 100" (card)
Sky Publishing Corp.

"The Sky - Level II, Version 5 (software)
Skies Unlimited, Inc.