Kiski Observatories

A large percentage of the members of the Kiski Astronomers have their own personal observatories. During the summer months, Kiski members take turns hosting starparty-cookouts at their backyard facility. These are fun events that allows members to share each others observatories.

---------------------------------- Scopeacabana Observatory ----------------------------------

Construction 2004 - 2005. Roll-over roof design. 8" LX90 and 14" LX200GPS SCT's.

Scopeacabana Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- Meadowgold Mobile Observatory ----------------------------------

Built - 2020. Front deck toy hauler camper with an installed NexDome. Extendable Telescope Pier isolated from trailer frame by retractable legs. Telescope mount, cameras, and dome remotely operated from inside the RV.

Meadowgold Mobile Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- Mt Chestnut Observatory ----------------------------------

Established in 2002. (Elevation 1320 ft)
14 Inch Discovery Dob with Dob Driver Tracking, 8 Inch NexStar SCT, Mallincam Color Hyper Plus Camera, Sanyo 14 inch High Resolution Color Monitor, 12 inch Magnavox VCR Recorder/ Monitor, Aver TV Video Capture Device

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---------------------------------- FFI Observatory ----------------------------------

FFI = Far From Ideal (2004).
8 Inch LX200 SCT.

FFI Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- Big Woodchuck Solar Observatory ----------------------------------

Constructed in 1993, remoded in 1999 and 2003.
Equipment: Celestron 8" Ultima SCT (f10) Daystar .6A T-Scanner Ha filter Lumicon H-Alpha 1.5A Prominence filter Coronado PST Coronado PST CaK Baader Solar Film filter (white-light) 1000 Oaks II glass filter (white-light)
For more info and construction photos, visit:   BWSO webpage

Big Woodchuck Solar Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- HillView Observatory ----------------------------------

Built - 1994.
Meade 12" LX200, TMB 130ss EDT F7 on an EQ6 Pro mount, Stellavue 102 EDT F6.1 on a Celestron CG5, and a 10" Optical Craftsman F8 newtonian

HillView Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- BK Observatory ----------------------------------

Built awhile back......

BK Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- GS Observatory ----------------------------------

Built awhile back......

GS Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- WJ Observatory ----------------------------------

Built awhile back......

WJ Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- RM Observatory ----------------------------------

Built awhile back......

RM Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- Mars Observatory ----------------------------------

Established in 2009.
The Observatory is a Skyshed POD with a slide off POD Zenith Table (PZT) for observing objects at the zenith.
The scope is a WO FLT132 F7 with a modified Canon XT dslr. The guide scope is an Orion 80mm F5 with a CCD Labs QGuide camera.
The mount is an Orion Atlas EQG on a 6" X 6" wood pier.

Mars Observatory Full Page Link

---------------------------------- HAO Observatory ----------------------------------

Established Oct 2011.
The Observatory is a clam-shell dome from Astrohaven on an elevated deck with a warmup room.
The mount is a Meade Max-mount on a Pier Tech-3 adjustable height pier, all attached to a 16" diameter concrete pier running thru the observatory floor & deck.
Attached to the mount are three Williams Optics refractors, a TMB-178, a TMB-160, and a TMB-151.
The warmup room is equipped with a well stocked library,computer, large screen TV, and assorted accessories, including a Baader Planetarium orrey.

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