Library Telescope Program

"Have you Checked out a Telescope from your library lately?"

Interested in "borrowing" a telescope?
The Kiski Astronomers of Western Pennsylvania have instituted a program of placing small telescopes at local libraries where the library patrons may check them out, just like they would a library book.
This involves purchasing inexpensive easy-to-use telescopes, and beginner observing kits for the local libraries in the Kiski region.
Working with each library, the Kiski Astronomers purchase a 4.5" Orion StarBlast Telescope, apply a few user friendly modifications, create an information packet, and donate the entire setup to the library.

A member of the Kiski club volunteers to work with each library as the telescope caretaker, and as unpaid consultants in amateur astronomy to assist the library patrons in utilizing the loan telescopes.


The Kiski Astronomers program is based on a highly successful program begun by the New Hampshire Astronomical Society.

News article:
July 5th, 2011, from the Valley News Dispatch regarding the first ever library loaner telescope in the State of Pennsylvania.

Participating Libraries:
Kiski Telescope Caretaker Telephone Number
Saxonburg Area Library David Koren 724-352-1003
Kittanning Public Library Denny Hill 724-845-7567
Mars Public Library David Koren 724-352-1003