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In 1966, Russian astronomer Madona V. Dolidze at the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory located in Georgia, created a catalog of 57 open star clusters based on his emission-line spectral surveys done with the observatory's 70cm f/3 Maksutov astrograph.
Later, he was joined by astronomer G. N. Dzimselejsvili and together published a follow-up list of 11 additional clusters
The amateur astronomer will find many of his 'Dolidze' objects listed on star atlases and observing guides.

While a very few of the 'Dolidze' objects are already listed under other catalog designations such as 'NGC', the vast majority are unique objects, not listed in any other prior catalog. These clusters generally consist of very loosely-arranged, sparse stars. Most lie within the more rich areas of the Milky-Way, which tends to make them difficult to find and distinguish from the surrounding field stars.
Only a few of the Dolidze / Dzimshelishvili clusters are true physical clusters.


an observer's guide written by Pennsylvania amateur by Al Lamperti

On the left side of the webpage is my personal observation list of the
'Dolidze catalog of star clusters'.

I currently have observed all 57 Dolidze objects visible from my Pittsburgh, PA latitude of around +40.
And I have all 11 of the Dolidze-Dzimselejsvili objects.

Hope you enjoyed the visit. Come again soon!
Larry McHenry,   Pittsburgh, PA. USA

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