created: 12-26-2015.       revised: 12-26-2015.

Created in 1965 by astronomers from the Basel Astronomical Institute, University of Basel, Switzerland, and later extended in 1971, the Basel Catalog consist of 20 galactic star clusters imaged in three colours for spectral analysis of each individual clusters brightest members.
The amateur astronomer will find many 'Basel' objects listed on star atlases and observing guides.

While some of the 'basel' objects are already listed under other catalog designations such as 'NGC', the majority are unique objects, not listed in any other prior catalog. Basel clusters can be found along the Milky-Way mostly in Cygnus thru Auriga, and in Canis Major and Monoceros.

Basel 11A

On the left side of the webpage is my personal observation list of the
'Basel' catalog of star clusters'.

I currently have all possible 16 objects visible from my Pittsburgh, PA latitude of around +40.
(4 clusters are located in the southern constellations of Carina and Centaurus).

Hope you enjoyed the visit. Come again soon!
Larry McHenry,   Pittsburgh, PA. USA

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