Observers Challenge Reports submissions - PDF

I participate in a monthly online observing report (for both visual & imaging) called the "Observers Challenge", hosted by Roger Ivester and Sue French.
Roger started the monthly challenge report in February 2009. His purpose for the report is to promote observing, (both visual sketching and imaging), by amateur astronomers from around the world to share their observations of a particular monthly deep-sky object. The hope is to inspire fellow amateurs to get outside with their telescopes and observe, regardless of the technique used.

In October of 2019, Sue French, who has been a participant for many years, came on-board to help with co-hosting the challenge.
Here's a link to Roger's index:    Archive for the "Observer’s Challenge Reports"

Roger invited me to join the 'challenge', and I began submitting object reports starting with December 2020.
below you may find my individually submitted report per object, but I highly encourage everyone to follow the above link to Roger's web blog to read the full report containing all participant submissions for the object of the month.

Enjoy! Larry

NGC6118 in Serpens


    January - NGC936     February - NGC1579     March - NGC2440


    January - NGC1245     February - NGC2024     March - NGC2481     April - NGC3044     May - NGC4088     June - NGC5774&75     July - NGC6217     August - M56     September - NGC6891     October - NGC7027     November - IC10     December - IC1848


    January - NGC1501     February - M42     March - Abell21     April - NGC3079     May - M106     June - NGC5474     July - NGC6210     August - NGC6772     September - NGC6751     October - M39     November - NGC7184


    January - IC348     February - NGC1983 & IC410     March - NGC2685     April - NGC3226/3227     May - M3     June - NGC5756     July - NGC6572     August - M57     September - NGC6823/6820     December - NGC16


    December - M76