Apollo 14

Apollo-14: (Kitty Hawk & Antares) 

Launched 01/31/1971,   Landed 02/05/1971,   Splashdown 02/09/1971

Commander - Alan Shepard,
CM Pilot - Stuart Roosa,
LM Pilot - Edgar Mitchell

The Antares landed in the highland area north of Fra Mauro Crater.  
Explored the hilly area and brought back numerious soil and rock samples. 
Spent total of 33 hours, 30 minutes on the Lunar surface, of which 9 hrs 22 min were EVA.

All Images acquired at Big Woodchuck Observatory using a Meade LX200GPS @ f10, with either a Astrovid-2000 or StellaCam-Ex 1/2" chip astro-video camera with IR filter.

10/24/2012 (negative image finder) Astrovid-2000

11/21/2012 @ f10 (StellaCam-Ex)

11/21/2012 - 1.5x Barlow (StellaCam-Ex)

11/21/2012 - 2.8x Barlow (StellaCam-Ex)

11/21/2012 - 2.8x Barlow & 2x digital zoom (StellaCam-Ex)

Finder Chart: from Antonin Rukil's "Atlas of the Moon", chart#42.

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