"Observing Globular Clusters"

  Looking for an observing project to try this year?
  Maybe you've completed your Messier certificate and
  need something else to work on while you try to get
  up your nerve to start on a more advanced project like
  the AAAP's 'Mullaney-McCall', or the AL's 'Herschel 400'.
  Here's a project that AAAP members Larry Bentz and
  Pete Zapadka came up with. (a few years back).

  It involves the observation of 53 globular clusters
  listed in the Webb Society handbook. 
  Some are easy, some are difficult! 
  The list includes one open cluster, M11.
  (commonly mistaken for a globular).
  All coordinates are for year 2000.

  It took me several years, but I finally 'sketched' my
  way thru the list. 

  For detailed descriptions and additional sketches, see
  the Webb Society handbook for globular and open clusters.
  Also, try the links listed below.   

Neat links:
Webb Society
Messier objects
SEDS Messier Database
NGC Images
Larry's Deep-Sky Sketches

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